Ecom Biases

Learn All Cognitive Biases, Heuristics, and Fallacies In Marketing & ECommerce

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Affect Heuristic

Ambiguity Effect

Anchoring Bias

Attentional Bias

Availability Heuristic

Bandwagon Effect

Barnum Effect

Bottom-Dollar Effect

Bye-Now Effect

Cashless Effect

Category Size Bias

Choice Overload

Commitment Bias

Confirmation Bias

Bounded Rationality


Decoy Effect

Distinction Bias

Endowment Effect

Framing Effect

Halo Effect

Hyperbolic Discounting

IKEA Effect

Illusion Of Control

Illusory Truth Effect


Lag Effect

Loss Aversion

Mere Exposure Effect

Motivating Uncertainty Effect

Noble Edge Effect

Nostalgia Effect

Peak-End Rule

Priming Effect

Projection Bias

Regret Aversion

Salience Bias

Serial Position Effect

Social Norms

Zero Risk Bias

Narrative Fallacy


Curse Of Knowledge

Authority Bias

Zeigarnik Effect

Reciprocity Bias

Pro-Innovation Bias

Placebo Effect

Blind Spot Bias

What is Ecom Biases?

Ecom Biases is a collection of all heuristics, cognitive biases, and fallacies affecting your customer decisions while shopping. They belong to a field of science called Behavioral Economics.

What is Behavioral Economics?

Behavioral economics studies the effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural, and social factors on the decisions of individuals and institutions.

Why Should You Visit Ecom Biases?

Ecom Biases helps you understand behavioral economics and gain a deeper insight into human minds, preferences, actions, and decisions. As a result, you can pinpoint your customer problems, optimize your eCommerce store for conversion rates, and create more effective marketing campaigns.