Dropshipping Checklist

The ultimate checklist of the best resources and tools to learn and build a profitable dropshipping store.

7-Phase-38-Step Dropshipping Checklist

Start building your own successful dropshipping business from scratch to success with everything you need in one place!

Never having to scout the internet for the best dropshipping resources ever again!

The Starting Phase

Identify potentially winning products and quickly create a simple dropshipping store to test them.

The Testing Phase

Promote your dropshipping products and determine if it’s possible to make money from them.

The Optimizing Phase

Increase your conversion rates and even turn unprofitable dropshipping products into profitable ones.

The Scaling Phase

When you have a winning product, it’s time to scale it to the moon!

The Growing Phase

Build a sustainable dropshipping business.

The Maturing Phase

Give up some control to try new ideas.

The Declining Phase

Sell your dropshipping business and start new things.

Step 1: Learn Dropshipping Basics

Step 2: Find Dropshipping Companies & Suppliers

Step 3: Research Profitable Niches

Step 4: Discover Potentially winning Products

Step 5: Choose A Dropshipping Platform

Step 6: Pick A Domain Name

Step 7: Create Your Dropshipping Store

Step 8: Design Your Dropshipping Store

Step 9: Import Your Products

Step 10: Complete Basic Store Settings

Step 11: Set Up Payment Providers

Step 12: Simulate The Order Process

Step 13: Get Your Dropshipping Store Live

Step 14: Define Your Target Audience

Step 15: Know Your Dropshipping Competitors

Step 16: Prepare Marketing Materials

Step 17: Set Up Tracking

Step 18: Promote Your Products

Step 19: Analyze The Results

Step 20: Optimize Your Store

Step 21: Improve Your Product Pages

Step 22: Implement Sales Boost Features

Step 23: Integrate Email Marketing

Step 24: Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Step 25: Tackle Long Shipping Times

Step 26: Source Your Dropshipping Products

Step 27: Scale Marketing Campaigns

Step 28: Save Money While Dropshipping

Step 29: Improve Customer Service

Step 30: Brand Your Dropshipping Business

Step 31: Advertise On Other Channels

Step 32: Grow Social Media Presence

Step 33: Do SEO

Step 34: Explore Other Types Of Digital Marketing

Step 35: Hire, Outsource And Manage A Team

Step 36: Expand Your Business

Step 37: Sell Your Dropshipping Store

Step 38: Start New Business Opportunities